First Time Home Buyers

Are you aware that you can purchase a home with little or no down payment? We can help you get down payment assistance & closing cost fees & more**

Why rent when you can buy? We can get your payments to approximately match what you currently pay for rent.

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Why Rent When You Can Buy?

We offer the following programs:

Down Payment Assistance

Lease Option Programs

Purchase Assistance Programs

Home Buyer Education & More

If you have credit issues we can help you get your credit back on track and will educate you on how not only can you purchase a home for what you pay for rent but also how you can pay off your home and all your debts in about 1/3 the time that it would normally take you.

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Lease Option Program

Choose a home you want to live in and our investors will purchase the home for you and give you up to 6 years to refinance the property and pay back the investor. Get more information

Buying a Home

Purchase Assistance Program

Get assistance in purchasing your next home. We have investors who are willing to help you with their purchase assistance program. Get more information