What Sets Us Apart

History and Knowledge = Wealth: How to make a better decision! 

The Baby Boomers know what it is like to need a home to raise 4 kids growing up back in 1981 to 1985. We had a 12.75% mortgage back in 1983. If you need a bit of inspiration to buy or sell Real Estate today, what would financing a home cost with a Mortgage rate of 13% versus 4.25%? Do the math!.....Take the challenge!

We have a FREE Cash Flow debt analysis program that can help you decide if you should? REFINANCE, DOWNSIZE or UPGRADE or become a first time home buyer now, with these lowest rates in history.  Our Real Estate and Financial Team can assist you before you buy or sell Real Estate, when other companies lack the Financial tools to help you. No matter what state you live in, our advanced technology Cash Flow analysis will provide you with an easy understanding the Truth about debt and mortgage costs. This is not a fear tactic, just the Facts of Mortgage and Debt interest and how you can qualify for a 4% Mortgage that will become a 2% net rate in less than 10 years. 

DO IT NOW: We will provide you with this FREE ANALYSIS, so you can actually understand how your Mortgage Banker or Originator will perceive your Financial condition and Debt to Income ratios.  Plus be better prepared to get the lowest Mortgage rate ever. Contact our Marketing Director directly with just your name and email address, send an email TO:

No cost or obligation to find out more before you downsize, upgrade or be a First Time home buyer. We can help, you have nothing to lose except stay in limbo when the time is now to make a better Real Estate decision.